Lab InfoTech Summit
Lab InfoTech Summit

The sixth annual Lab InfoTech Summit will be held on March 16-18, 2009, at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Lab InfoTech Summit is a unique three-day conference designed for all clinical laboratory professionals, including pathologists, medical technologists, LIS managers, and lab business managers. Health system executives, particularly those with responsibility for the clinical laboratories, will also find the conference to be valuable. Now approaching its sixth year in Las Vegas, Lab InfoTech Summit is a continuation of the AIMCL conference that was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the University of Michigan Medical School for 21 years beginning in 1983.

It is anticipated that more than 35 exhibitors will participate in Lab InfoTech Summit 2009 including most of the major LIS, LIMS, and lab portal software vendors, in-vitro diagnostic companies with software products such as middleware, and companies focusing on digital pathology systems. The pre-conference workshop will focus on the topic of how information technology can be used to increase both safety and quality in pathology and the clinical labs. Another highlight of the meeting will be live demonstrations of out-of-the-box connectivity with LISs from different vendors. This system interface proof-of-concept project by the conference Corporate Underwriters is called LITS-Interop.

The fifteen lectures in the plenary sessions by faculty of national prominence will highlight all of the current major ideas percolating in pathology informatics. To help you decide if you would like to attend Lab InfoTech Summit 2009, you can review all of the lectures presented at the 2004-2008 conferences by clicking on the links to the left under Past Conferences.

Registration for the Lab InfoTech Summit has started. You can view the registration form in PDF format on the left menu titled "Registration Form (PDF)" or by downloading it from You may register on-line using the secured and encrypted registration system from the left menu titled "On-line Registration" or using the following link:

Bruce Friedman, the director of Lab InfoTech Summit, has developed a blog devoted to clinical lab software, the clinical lab industry, and the entire healthcare industry called Lab Soft News. The link for this blog is You may want to visit the blog or subscribe to it using RSS and a blog reader. Lab Soft News will also provide periodic announcements and updates about the Lab InfoTech Summit.